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Nin Rai - President and Founder of Truffles Fine Foods

Nin Rai (He/Him)


Nin - President, Owner, and Founder

Nin, the President, Owner, and Founder of Truffles Fine Foods, began his culinary journey working as a chef in some of Vancouver's top restaurants. In 2005, he established Truffles Fine Foods, initially focusing on catering for cast and crew on film sets. His dedication to quality and excellence quickly set his company apart.

Under Nin's leadership, Truffles Fine Foods has grown significantly, evolving into one of Vancouver's favourite catering companies. His vision and commitment to providing exceptional service have been the cornerstone of the company's success. Today, Nin leads a talented team that consistently delivers outstanding culinary experiences for a wide range of events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale corporate functions. His passion for the culinary arts and his entrepreneurial spirit continue to drive Truffles Fine Foods to new heights.